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11th September 2019


That'll teach me to brag!  Had two mod one students fail since June and 2 mod two. In fairness to me they were both nervous which never showed until the test!


Just changed prices of CBT today as insurance and maintenence costs etc gone real high - still one of the least pricey around though!


18th June 2019


My one-2-one training is really paying off.  So far this year I have 100% first time pass on  mod one and 99.9% first time pass on mod two (only one failure).  Let's hope I am not bragging too soon!


I am booked up till end of July right now and taking all of August as holiday.


12th December 2017


I had to cancel a CBT last week for the first time in 5 years due to ice on the road.  


When coming to a CBT make sure you wear something under your jeans or m/c trousers.  Layers are best for upper body, like a couple of T-shirts under a sweater, and don't forget something around your neck (not too bulky).