Alan John Motorcycle & Scooter Training

Serving Chichester, Bognor, Selsey and local area

Call/ text 077 100 99 200 to book a place:


CBT courses £120

There are three categories of full licence, all of which you need to pass the following:


1. A theory test - cost £25


2. A module one test - cost £15.50


3. A module two test - cost £75.00


Cat A1 if you are under 19 years (max 125cc)


Cat A2 if you are between 19-24 years (big bike but restricted in power)


Cat A is if you are 24 years or older or held an A2 licence for two years or more (ride anything you fancy!)


My FULL LICENCE (big bike) courses are one-2-one so you get full attention and learn at a pace that suits you.  You will be riding a Suzuki Gladious 650cc, (has heated handlebar grips) fully serviced and comprehensively insured.


To take the A1 licence you don't legally need an instructor, however I will talk you through the test process free of charge if you call or text me to call you.


PASS RATE - See news item!

Over 95% of my students pass first (see news item) time on their mod one and mod two first time.  I have a unique training style and method which over the years has proven to be very popular.  Unfortunately this makes me very busy so you need to book early, especially during the spring/ summer season.


My fee is £160.00 per day and most people need only 3 days once they have a CBT and some riding experience.  If you are starting from scratch (no experience), give me a call, or better still text me to call you and I will help you prepare.