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CBT courses £120

The CBT course is designed to start you riding and is a legal requirement for anybody wishing to ride a motorbike.  The course is one day and divided up into five sections:


1. Information about helmets and clothing


2. The bike controls and maintenence


3. Riding the bike in a secure area in preparation for the road ride


4. Theory about legal requirements and a bit on the highway code


5. A road ride to practise everything


Once you have completed a supervised two-hour ride on the road you will receive your CBT certificate which validates your licence for two years to ride up to a 125cc bike (50cc if you are 16years).


If you then want to ride a bigger bike you have to (1) be over 19 years and (2) be supervised by an instructor until you pass your tests.  See the FULL LICENCE link for more information.